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Reasons to move to New Orleans from Canada

First of all need to tell that both cities are perfect for people's life. Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta. In the heart of the city is located the most convenient airport "Edmonton City Centre Blatchford Field Airport", there are a lot of parks, bars and restaurants. Here are over two hundred bus stations. Buses run regularly in any convenient route, but if you do not like this way of movement, then you can always take the metro or taxi. And if you nevertheless decided to move out from Edmonton, the best alternative will be only New Orleans. New Orleans is a city of the United States, the largest city in the state of Louisiana. The territory of today's New Orleans was opened by the Spaniards in the early XVI century. However, in about 1680 it was taken by the French, who started the colonization of the southern provinces of the Mississippi Valley. Hence in New Orleans appeared such wonderful places like French Quarter (the center of the old modern city). New Orleans is a magical place which is full of mystery and historical facts.

So, what the reasons to move to New Orleans from Edmonton?

- In the XIX century old French cultural traditions have not disappeared, but in a special way mixed with elements of the North American Protestant culture. The people soon became to call it as the New Orleans Paris of the New World.
- It is considered as the cradle of jazz, the birthplace of Louis Armstrong. It is the place for numerous jazz festivals, so if you adore the good music - welcome!
- New Orleans is one of the largest ports in the United States of America. Center of the oil industry.
- The decent infrastructure of the city allows you to find everything you need for a modern recreation in one place, water parks, casinos, culture and art, natural sites, shopping malls, stadiums, zoos, nightclubs and so on.
- Your constitutional rights here will protect embassies and consulates, we note that here are treated with a special status and the special attention to the visitors to the city.

Iris Sparks, a journalist and real estate agent is talking about the benefits of moving to New Orleans from Canada and advises to use the services of professional moving companies Edmonton for your long-distance relocation needs.

Check here to find the detailed information about the process of moving from Edmonton to New Orleans.

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